Direct Service

The Task Force on Direct Services to Patients is responsible for developing and coordinating local programs in which Lion volunteers provide direct services to Lions LOVRNET patients. These services include providing transportation to doctor’s office or clinic visits for patients who need it; trouble shooting and when appropriate solving patient problems with their use of vision assistive equipment in the home; helping make safety and adaptive modifications to the patient’s home environment as recommended by the low vision therapist; helping patients gain access to services available to the blind and visually impaired; organizing and leading local low vision patient informational and support groups; and helping patients identify sources of financial assistance to help pay for needed vision assistive equipment.




As technologies change, so does the library’s role in helping to train and educate everyone on the use of assistive technology. Not only does the library have a fully immersive technology lab on-site, but it also holds technology discussion meetings on a monthly basis between March and November.

Application for Free Library Service - Maryland Library for the Blind

​The mission of the Maryland State Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped is to provide comprehensive library services to the eligible blind and physically handicapped residents of the State of Maryland. ​

Our vision is to provide innovative and quality services to meet the needs and expectations of our patrons. 

This is a totally free service.

Technology User Group - Maryland Library for the Blind

What is the Technology User Group?

The Technology User Group, or TUG, is a group of library patrons that meet to discuss emerging assistive technologies and how the new technology will have a positive effect on the print impaired community.